Facilities Operation

Building and Plant Maintenance

The Building and Plant Maintenance provides routine maintenance, reactive repair services, minor alterations, access control, and emergency facilities response for all campus buildings, excluding the Miramar Complex.

We provide chilled water (CHW), for cooling, and hot water (HW) for heating, through the direct-buried underground Campus Utility Piping Distribution Loop to 22 buildings. The Central Plant provides the chilled/hot water for this loop. The water tower is used to store the conditioned water for use during the day. This helps keep energy costs down. For those buildings not on the campus loop, building cooling and heating is provided by stand-alone units.

To provide comfortable interior space temperatures, while being energy efficient, we maintain occupied space temperatures between 74° and 76° degrees in the cooling season and between 68° and 70° degrees in the heating season.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services keeps our buildings clean. Their work includes dusting, trash removal, shampooing carpets, floor care, window washing, and sanitizing restrooms, in addition to handling emergencies. Depending on the building and its use, service is provided on a five or seven day schedule. Shifts include days, evenings, nights and weekends.

Grounds Services

Grounds Services manages over 200 acres of turf and landscape areas, recreational fields and paved areas. They design, provide estimates, and participate in master planning and site planning issues. Their jobs include lawn mowing and trimming, weed control, tree and shrub trimming, and chemical application for insects and disease, maintenance of irrigation systems, pick up loose trash, and install seasonal flower beds. They are also responsible for special preparation and setups for campus events, moving furniture, and solid waste management.

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Custodial Services




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Grounds Services